Aviation maintenance

航空维修板块 Aviation Maintenance
Aviation Maintenance/Aircraft Maintenance
Internationalized service team,complete overhaul and modification capability,convenient and preferential bonded services,provide timely and efficient service for customers!
Commercial Aircraft Heavy Maintenance capability(with CAAC,JMM,FAA,EASA certification)
u A319/320/321(8C)&NEO(4C)系列飞机定检
A319/320/321(8C)&NEO(4C)family maintenance check
u B737NG系列飞机定检(8C)
B737 series aircrafts maintenance checks(8C)
u 飞机整机喷漆
Aircraft Repainting
u 特种作业:钣金加工/复合材料处理/NDT/孔探等
Workshop Support:Sheet Metal/Composite Material Treatment/NDT/Bore scope.etc
u 飞机机体、电子系统、客舱的升级、改装
Airframe、avionics、cabin interior upgrade and modification
u A319/320/321、B737-600/700/800/900系列飞机拆解(并可登记到民航维修协会航空器材拆解登记查询网站)
A319/320/321、B737-600/700/800/900 family Aircraft Part Out Solution(And can be   
registered to the Civil Aviation Maintenance Association Aviation Equipment Disassembly
Registration and Inquiry Website)
u AOG支援
AOG support
u 通过了AEO认证并获得了保税维修资质
Passed AEO certification and obtained bonded maintenance qualification
u B737-700/800客改货STC开发及改装
B737-700/800 passenger to freighter cargo conversion STC development and modification
Ø 公务机维修能力 BusinessAircraftMaintenance Capacity
With certification from CAAC,FAA,EASA,Cayman, Bermuda, Aruba, and is an Embraer Authorized Service Center, Dassault Authorized Service Center and Rolls-Royce Engine Service Center
u 航线维护
巴航世袭1000, 莱格赛650, 飞鸿100/ 300, 庞巴迪里尔60, 挑战者 300, 605, 850, 环球XRS, 5000/6000, 达索猎鹰7X&8X, 湾流 450/550, 波音BBJ 737-7
u Line Maintenance
Embraer Lineage 1000, Legacy 650, Phenom 100/ 300, Bombardier Learjet 60, Challenger 300, 605, 850, Global XRS, 5000/6000, Dassault Falcon 7X & 8X, Gulfstream 450/550, Boeing BBJ 737-7
u 定检维修
巴航世袭1000, 莱格赛650, 飞鸿300, 庞巴迪挑战者300, 605, 850, 环球XRS, 5000/6000, 达索猎鹰7X & 8X, 湾流450/550
u Base Maintenance
Embraer Lineage 1000, Legacy 650, Phenom 300, Bombardier Challenger 300, 605, 850, Global XRS, 5000/6000, Dassault Falcon 7X & 8X, Gulfstream 450/550
Ø 飞机拆解  Aircraft Dismantling
u 专业化的飞机拆解团队
Professional aircraft dismantling team
u 部件维修能力为拆解部件恢复性能,可实现飞机残值最大化
Residual value of the aircraft can be maximized by restoring the performance of removed components via our component maintenance services
u 海特天津基地保税工厂为国外飞机拆解提供有利条件
 Tianjin Haite’s bonded warehouse factory offers favorable conditions for foreign aircraft dismantling
飞机大修Overhaul Maintenance  
承接该板块业务的子公司  Subsidiary
Tianjin Haite Aircraft Maintenance Co.,Ltd
Tianjin Execujet Haite General Aviation Service Co.,Ltd
Sichuan Aircraft Maintenance Co.,Ltd
航空动力装置维修Aviation power plant overhaul
1. 多种型号涡轴发动机大修、改装、修理、除尘
Several turbo shaft engines’overhaul, modification, repair, dust removal
2. PT6A-27型发动机大修、改装、维修、热检
PT6A-27 engine overhaul, modification, maintenance, thermal inspection
3. PT6A-21/27/28/114/114A/135/135A型的发动机热检
PT6A-21/27/28/114/114A/135/135A engine thermal inspection
4. SAFIR 5K/G MI型APU大修、改装、修理。
SAFIR 5K / G MI type APU overhaul, modification, and repair
滑油泵 Oil pump
滑油滤   Oil filter
放气活门     Relief valve
尾缓冲支柱     Tail landing gear shock strut assembly
尾减传动轴      Tail decelerator drive shaft
主缓冲支柱  Mail landing gear shock strut assembly
Aviation Maintenance/Airborne Accessory Maintenance
Certificate by CAAC, JMM, FAA, EASA, with a warranty center authorized by ZODIAC
Capable of providing reliable ,economic,short TAT services through nearly 30 years’experience.
1. 机载电子系统维修  
Airborne Electronic System Maintenance
² 计算机 Computer
² 通讯导航 Communications and Navigation
² 雷达Radar
² 电气Electrical Repair
² 仪表 Instruments
² 厨房设备 Kitchen Inserts
2. 机载机械系统维修   
Airborne Mechanical System Maintenance
² 空气系统  Air system
² 液压系统(作动器系统) Hydraulic system (actuator system)
² APU 系统   APU system
² 燃油系统  Fuel System
² CSD/IDG系统 CSD/IDG system
² 螺旋桨系统   Propeller system
² 救生系统   emergency system
3. Zodiac系列产品授权维修中心
Authorized Maintenance Center of Zodiac Product Series
4. 机械加工中心 Machining Center
5. 航空测试设备研发 R & D of Aviation Testing Equipment
承接该板块业务的子公司   Subsidiaries
Sichuan Aote Accessories Repair Co., Ltd.
workstations in Shanghai, Tianjin, Guiyang and Guilin